Kepler 62 Star information

As it was said in the K62 system post, this system is 1200ly away from us. Therefore, not a lot of information we can gather about the star.

On the other hand, we know that K62 is K – type star. Speaking human language, it’s smaller than our Sun (0.63 size of the Sun) and a bit cooler – 4652 Celcius (our Sun’s temperature is 5505 Celcius). But this star will live longer than our Sun! We know that K62 is approximmately 7 billion years old and we can say for sure: will live for additional 18 billions! So when our Sun explodes, this star will still rise and shine.

I’m sorry, guys, but I’m afraid that is it. No more information can be gathered unless our fellow engineers and physicists come up with huge spaceship program and fly there to observe the star.

But it’s still something, right?


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