How to Create Life on a New Planet


We are investigating moving life from earth onto a new habitable planet. However, to do so, we must know what is important in the growth and successful development of new life. For our experiment, we tested how the growth of new life is influenced by the pH level it is being planted in.


We hypothesize that pH level will have an influence on the growth of cress seeds.


Independent Variable: pH level

Dependent Variable: Growth of cress seeds

Control Variable: Cress seeds, temperature, amount of       water, amount of light, amount of CO2


  1. Put tissue paper in 3 separate petri dishes
  2. Soak the tissue in water
  3. Put cress seeds in separate dishes
  4. 5 drops of NaOH in one dish onto the cress seeds (label dish)
  5. 5 drops of HCL in next dish onto cress seeds (label dish)
  6. Keep water in 3rd dish onto cress seeds (label)
  7. Re-water dishes as needed and wait 3 days to see results


After 3 days, we observed distinct changes within the petri dishes and the pH levels. We found that the NaOH damaged the conditions of the cress seeds and therefore showed no growth. The HCL did not damage the cress seeds, however, there was no change in their condition at all. The water dish showed considerable growth and therefore proved to be the most reliable in growth of new life. From this we can suppose that water is the most necessary factor in the successful development of life on a new planet, as the pH level was neutral while the pH levels of HCL and NaOH are not suitable for new life.

Risk Assessment:

Risk: Risk Prevention:
Acid in eyes Use of goggles
Alkali in eyes Use of goggles
Use of concentrated acids Use of disposable nitrile gloves


Our experiment was successful and we did not encounter any errors or noticeable ways of improvement. However, we could have had more specific results by measuring more varying levels of pH and their effects on the cress seeds. We also could have left the seeds out longer to see if there are any long-term effects.


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