Kepler 62 System information

This system was discovered by Kepler telescope (therefore it’s named by its name) in 2013.

Kepler 62 is a long distance from us: 1200 light years away.This system consists of a star, K62, and 5 planets: K62b, c, d, e, f, two of them are believed to be exoplanets: K62e and f.

Habitable zone of this system is situated between 0,45 and 0,85 AU. Habitable zone is the zone in a star system where planets can contain life, because temperature and radiation from a star is not violent. AU is distance unit, used in Astronomy, which is equal to distance from Earth to Sun.

Obviously, planets K62e and f are lying in this zone, K62e on the inner edge and K62f in the middle of the HZ. This is one of the markers of suitable environment for life on these planets and K62e in particular.


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