Kepler 62e information

Kepler-62e is an exoplanet with a radius 1.61 times that of Earth. This planet, although it’s 1.6 of the Earth’s size is actually lighter than the Earth, placing its weight between Mats and Earth.

It was discovered in 2013 by transit

Transit – when the planet passes in front of the star it would be spotted, because luminosity of the star decreases.

It’s orbital period is approximately 120 days (122.4 days to be fair). So it takes it around a 1/3 Earth’s year to go around the star and complete a full circle.

It’s also a bit cold there, average temperature is -3 Celcius. Temperature is OK to live though. On the one hand, it’s cold, on the other hand, Earth’s average temp is 15C. Not so cold then.

Scientists are saying that this planet contains WATER. And they also say it’s the most Earth – like planet out there…


What are we waiting for?


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