Physical properties of Kepler 62E

Everyone knows that planets we find in space are all different. The aim of this investigation was to compare physical features of Kepler 62E


Снимок экрана (10)


Since the gravity of Kepler is nearly 1.5 times higher than on earth, the weight of all our equipment’s and apparatus will increase as well. This is especially important for our pioneers since their equipment will weigh more and therefore they can carry less things, so that they will take more time to transport it from A to B. Another important thing is that the increase of gravity will also affect the planes which we will build on Kepler, since they will need more energy to take of they will consume more fuel and also change their construction, to make them stronger.

Another thing is that the temperature of Kepler 62e is on average 15-20 degrees colder than on earth so that the best living environment would be around the equator where the temperature change would be the smallest. This means that the pioneers would need to build up base quite fast so that they can start framing and living in the warm.

Since the year length is only 122 days it will mean that the population on Kepler 62e will have three winters in a year and that would probably effect the human live cycle and could lead to depression and other mental strain.


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