Welcome to the Group 4 Project “Brave New World” Website

And feel free to browse through!

Our group was researching the planet called Kepler 62e as suitable for life. We researched how can we create life on this planet, how we can travel there, how we will supply ourselves with oxygen while travel, everything.

Astronomers were researching basic astro information about the system, planet and star as well, so when we arrive there we won’t be surprised with anything.

Chemists were researching atmosphere of K62e as well as chemic production of electricity there, so we can have our fridges working when we land there!

Biologists were doing complicated stuff and experiments, all narrowing down to one thing: creating oxygen and growing plants on the planet.

And our fellow physicists were studying travelling to this planet and how possible it is in our present time.

Now you can feel free to take a look around and enjoy this masterpiece! If you want to view posts by category, check out “Did you notice that?” post underneath this one

Site created by Artem B. Designed and polished by Ivan R.


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