This site had started its existence on the dark cold Friday evening, when Artem and Ivan were taking their imagination and creativity beyond its limits.

In the beginning it was nothing. Then, Artem brought his laptop to Ivan’s room and they started thinking.

Hey, we can program HTML, Artem said! Yeah, good idea, Ivan replied! And then…


They realised that they need neither 3 weeks, nor 3 months to do what they want to do.


This thought stroke their minds and they started to search through websites creators. Tons of them were reviewed…none of them made it to the final design, as Ivan was rejecting everything and Artem was losing patience.

We WILL CHOOSE THIS! Artem said and clicked on theme on wordpress.com.

Wait…, said Ivan.


Here it was, shining in its glory

Intergalactic theme on wordpress.com

Ivan pointed his finger on this theme and it was applied.


And then, Ivan and Artem began their work. Artem gave birth to Categories and account for post creation as well as he was sorting all the posts so they would look nice and organised. Ivan was applying pictures on background, writing descriptions for the categories as well as tutorials. He was also correcting posts in content way.

So, Ivan’s imagination touched most of the design and polishing features, whilst Artem was filling some primary site with content and trying to get everything arranged.


And that’s how it was started



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